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Nursery and Preschools

Ashley Road School

45 Ashley Rd, Aberdeen AB10 6RU, UK – 01224 588732

Perfect school not rubbish at all good teaching

Great Western Pre School Nursery Aberdeen

356 Great Western Rd, Aberdeen AB10 6LX, UK – 01224 311949

Great Western Broomhill Pre School Nursery Aberdeen

323 Broomhill Rd, Aberdeen AB10 7LR, UK – 01224 319530

Primary and Secondary Schools

Holy Family R.C. School

Summerhill Terrace, Aberdeen AB15 6HE, UK – 0870 054 1999

This is no longer the R.C holy family school. It is now an elderly care home. 👴👵 My younger sister got her first job in care here and thy got her through her PVG and also to further her qualifications in care at college whilst still in full time work. Massive kudos to them for providing such an opportunity as it has been the making of her! She absolutely loves her job and wants to climb the ladder in her care career. From what I can tell the staff all seem very friendly and attentive to the residents. The only thing i would like to highlight is that it is quite clear tht in our care system the big shots at the top are STILL solving their staffing shortages by working young adults to the point of complete exhaustion where they end up signed off by their doctor only to go home to recuperate and be called by the home to be asked and cover shifts!!! This too happens when staff are on holiday; constantly called to come in to cover but the pay they recieve for working through serious illness or holidays is the same pay rate they get any other day. All i will say is this; 70+ HRS IN ONE WEEK????? 😲😲😲😪😪😪 It is not this particular care homes fault; it's happening in care homes everywhere bcos as usual our government (be it Hollyrood or Westminster) are not providing enough funds, they won't spend on training up more staff, they won't spend on hiring already trained staff and they won't pay fairly to existing staff be it on their contracted hours or overtime. But also bear in mind our elderly need ppl who are switched on and awake to care for them, not half asleep zombies as our government would happily have it. Tbh, the fact tht the only problem at this care home are those caused by the government stands testament to just how proffessional the staff here are, well done guys!!! Keep up the good work, our elderly need carers as committed as u guys clearly are 🤗👍❣ God bless 📿

I used to go to this school it's so nice great staff good teaching :) !

Kaimhill School

Pitmedden Terrace, Aberdeen AB10 7HR, UK – 01224 498151

Wonderful school. Couldn’t have had it better. Am a happy mum.

It so much fun and we all respect each other

Northfield Academy

Granitehill Pl, Aberdeen AB16 7AU, UK – 01224 699715

Неплохое школа но очень плохие дети и безразличные учителя

Public & Preparatory Schools

St Margaret’s School for Girls

17 Albyn Pl, Aberdeen AB10 1RU, UK – 01224 584466

A pupil from 1960-1974. Loved it, happy time. Supportive and empowering.

The International School Aberdeen

N Deeside Rd, Aberdeen AB15 9PN, UK – 01224 730300

Its a nice school but i think its PRIVATE! And some people brag that they dont have to ware uniforms .

Excellent School. We've had two children through the school and cant praise it enough. A combination of excellent teachers, small classes and teachers who dedicate time out of lessons to resolving all issues results in above average academic results. A very open atmosphere is encouraged where children mix freely and exclusive cliques are rare.

The Hamilton School

55-57 Queen's Rd, Aberdeen AB15 4YP, UK – 01224 312656

My kids Aziza(7) and Yahya(5) they attend this school and from day one they have been so excited. I thought this energy is not going to last as most for kids with schools but was not for them. A running 7 months and they still excited the way they were at the begginning this is because of: Cheerful Facualty Skilled teachers Lovely atmosphere Amazing mixture of cultures And definatly a great crriculm. Although Parking and School buliding is a minor issue i highly recommend it for parent with children in Reception and Primary stage.